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Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Overview of Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain:

Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana is a hybrid that produces a sensation that makes colors appear brighter and makes everything seem easier and happier. It is well-known for its unique combination and high quality. This rare northern beauty will make you feel like a freight train. It boasts a unique CBD level, sometimes reaching an astounding 0.8%.

Few strains exist whose history is so mysterious. Alaskan Thunderfuck Strain was created by combining a North American Sativa and a Russian ruderalis. In the 1970s, I Added Afghan genetics to the mix. Voila! The luscious cold-climate Alaskan Thunder Fuck was born. Sometimes it is called Matanuska Tundra or ATF. Its native Matanuska Valley is where its name.

What is The Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Stain?

Alaskan Thunder Fuck can be called many different things. It is sometimes called ATF or Matanuska Tundra, and other times Matanuska Thunder Fuck. No matter what name you give this strain, everyone can agree on its incredible ability to benefit medical cannabis patients and recreational users. ATF’s name comes from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. This is what gives rise to its many nicknames and more common moniker. Legend has it that Alaskan Thunder Fuck was originally a cross between a Russian ruderalis strain and a Northern Californian Sativa. However, the strain was later bred with genetics from an Afghani parent, adding to its unique character and complexity.

Sources claim that this Sativa contains 50% indica and 50% Sativa genetics. However, it is often referrer to simply as a Sativa type, not a hybrid. Alaskan Thunder Fuck has an average of 15-25% THC and a small but beneficial CBD content of 0.80-1%.

Alaskan Thunder Strain Effects:

The extraordinary potency of Alaskan thunder strain sativa or indica that has been widely praise. This is partly why it is so popular and well-known around the world. ATF is unlike other Sativas that can over-energize you and cause you to crash like others. Alaskan Thunder Strain Effects 

It is more about emotions. It can produce happiness and uplifting sensations. This makes it a great choice for anyone, even those who aren’t incline to drink a Sativa. Its clear-headed buzz makes it a great choice for daytime use, particularly as a morning pick-me-up to complement your morning cup of coffee or pair with Sativas. You will be inspire and creative because Alaskan Thunder Fuck will not only infect you with happiness, contentment, and positive vibes but also the creative bug. ATF is not ask to cause couch lock. However, some people report that it can give them munchies, which is great for those who struggle to eat breakfast or lunch during the day.

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain:

ATF’s remarkable ability to control emotions and feelings, turning some of the worst into positives, makes it a great option for reducing debilitating mental symptoms. Alaskan Thunder Fuck can relieve mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other disorders. It doesn’t drain energy or cause tiredness.

Can use ATF to aid with mental health and ease the pain. This strong Sativa strain could benefit chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraine headaches, and joint pain (arthritis). With the help of purple Alaskan Strain, you may find some relief from the negative effects of lack of appetite, nausea, eating disorders, fatigue/chronic tiredness, ADD/ADHD, and fatigue/chronic fatigue.

It is easy to consume too much cannabis because of its high THC content. This is especially true if you are not a beginner smoker or have a condition that does not require a higher dose. People who use a.t.f Strain to relieve some symptoms of a mental disorder will usually be able to tolerate a lower dose. THC can harm those suffering from mental disorders more than others. It is best to monitor your potency and listen for any changes in your body. It is smart to start with a few drops, wait about 10-20 minutes, then increase your dose if you feel you need more.

Higher doses are better for people with other ailments or body conditions than the mind, particularly those suffering from chronic pain.

Side Effects Possible of The Alaskan Thunder Fuck Cannabis Strain:

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is light on side effects, but it does have the rare combination that it is a Potent Sativa Strain with few adverse reactions. You can expect some side effects with any cannabis type, but they are rare and not too severe.

Cottonmouth, also known as dry mouth, is the most common. However, it can be manage with a little planning and preparation. It is important to remember to drink lots of fluids before, during, and after high. This will help you avoid cottonmouth. It is a great reminder to drink plenty of fluids and will help you avoid making excuses not to.

Rarely, paranoia and anxiety may be present. However, this side effect is usually temporary and quickly disappears into the positive vibes that this high normally brings. Although headaches and dizziness are possible, they are very rare. The potential adverse effects of Alaskan Thunder Fuck shouldn’t be cause for concern. Most are easy to manage and disappear quickly.


Although this strain isn’t necessarily the most pleasant, it does its job very well. Alaskan Thunder fuck smells like diesel and skunk mixed with a little sweetness. This strain is said to smell like cat piss. However, we can describe it as earthy and spicy with a hint of pine scent that reminds one of the North American forests.


This bud is a great way to enjoy many different flavors when smoked. The taste of Alaskan Thunder fuck is similar to its smell but better. It will be sweetly aromatic and smell like spicy bananas. The sweet earthiness of the cloud will stick to your tongue. This special Sativa can also hint at citrus and oranges.

Negative Reactions:

The side effects of Alaskan Thunderfuck are very mild, which is another reason it is so special. You might feel a little paranoia or nervousness from time to time, but it doesn’t last. Due to high CBD levels, some people may experience headaches and dizziness.

This strain can cause dryness and a feeling of being parch. Alaskan Thunderfuck can make your eyes feel dry. These adverse effects can be easily solved by keeping liquids close at hand.


This miracle strain can be use medically as a treatment. The famously-loved Alaskan Thunder fuck is known for its ability to treat pain conditions. This strain can effectively treat anything, from muscle spasms to joint or other chronic pain. People with mental disorders can also use Alaskan Thunder fuck.

This strong Sativa can help with anxiety, depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Even small doses of medication can be used to treat headaches and migraines. This strain is now a valuable part of the medical cannabis community. Alskan thunder fuck is great to use during the day because it gives you an energy boost that leaves you feeling alert and focused, ready to tackle your day.

This strain will give you a pleasant cerebral high that works its magic. It will reduce fatigue and lethargy and promote a calm, relaxed mood. Alaskan Thunder fuck can also be helpful for those with eating disorders. It can stimulate the appetite and help to curb cravings.

Growing Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain:

Due to its heritage, this strain thrives in the great outdoors, especially in northern climates. Although Alaska Thunder Fuck strain can be grown indoors, it produces less than outdoors. Alaskan Thunder fuck can be grown outdoors and produce large quantities of beautiful buds. It is cover with crystals and pretty orange hair and has a sticky, skunky scent.



This plant can produce an average yield of 16 ounces for every square meter when kept indoors. It takes approximately 8-9 weeks for Alaskan Thunder Fuck to bloom and be ready to harvest.


This data can be grow outdoors and produces a tremendous yield. The average Alaskan Thunder Fuck plant can produce 32 ounces. They can be harvest for harvesting in October.


  • North American
  • Afghani
  • Russian Ruderalis

Final Thoughts About The Cannabis Strain Alaskan Thunder Fuck:

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana strain might be able to relieve some of your symptoms. We hope that you found this article entertaining, educational, and informative. It would help if you remembered that cannabis consumption is solely your responsibility. Use discretion.


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