Medical Marijuana Card

Apply for medical card


Normally, Electronic physician certification forms are now available for verified physicians to submit for qualifying patients. If your physician has submitted an electronic form.

NOTE If you do not have and Electronic physician form, you can also apply buy filling the regration information

For patients looking for the standard recommended dose of four (4) ounces per month, Send a text MMJ CARD# to 510-629-4191

atients requiring more than the standard four (4) ounces should use the Alternative  can also send text to MOFE# using the above number or email to

Patient that are under the age of 18 will need parental guidance to get  a medical marijuana card in Missouri or any other state

Applying with caregivers will need a Patient Authorization Form from us and the patient’s ID number, which the patient will receive once their application is approved.

Renew medical marijuana card

In order to renew your medical card, contact MOFE using the email or number above with your previous license copy.

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