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We Ship to all 50 States in the United States. We also Ship to Canada, UK, and Europe…

NB: We provide you with a valid tracking in 45minutes after your payment is confirmed. So make sure you check your email in about 1hour after your order.

We have noticed customers always face problems with the delivery part of the business, weed online world is giving 100% guarantee of prompt and safe delivery for your order to your address provided. We use USPS, UPS, FedEx to ship your order extremely discreet, in plain brown boxes, vacuum sealed , very tight and no smell of content. Our main aim of packaging discreetly is to assure safety for our customers.

We ship through out the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia and some parts of Africa.

Shipping within USA will be done a day after the order has been received and payment confirmed either overnight or during the day. Customers will be informed on that.

Oversea shipping will take 2 to 3 business days depending on your location after payment confirmation .

Bulk order will be shipped in different boxes to avoid big package which attracts check point eyes. Package type will change constantly to achieve shipping success. Order cancellation will not be allowed after payment confirmation . You will be required to placed a new order if any change of mind.

A tracking number will be provided to all customers to track and trace their package on delivery.






For CashApp Payments,

  1. You can pay with cashapp either by sending the payment directly or just by buying Buying bitcoin with your cashapp.
  2. If you are sending payment directly, ADD CASH TO YOUR CASHAPP BALANCE account from your bank before sending.

Follow the video below for better understanding

NOTE: Most often cashapp will send you a protection message which is very normal for all payments going to a cashapp account for the first time. Just click CONTINUE and proceed with the payment

3. If you want to buy bitcoin with cashApp, Follow the video below for explanation

2 . How to pay with Zelle

  1. Copy the email before you check out.
  2. Make your payment and send a screenshot to our email at
  3. Follow the video below on how to send payment with zelle

How to pay with Zelle


How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

  1. If you happen to have a credit card and you wan to purhace Bitcoin, go to the website
  2. Click the top right hand menu and choose buy cyrpto

3. Click continue and you will be taken to a page to insert your card details. After which you you will click done.

4. you might be asked extra verification with your ID or Drivers license

5. Once the payment is complete, you will have to wait for a while for the money to be deducted

6. Do not forget to take a screenshot of you payment and email to us at

NOTE: You can also buy Crypto currency through, and so….


  1. Check the details In the checkout page and use it to make payment through or
  2. Create and account and follow the steps gradually to make your payment
  3. Do not forget to email your receipt with your MTCN through

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