Afghan Kush (Indica)


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THC : 17%

CBD: 0.2%

EFFECTS…Euphoria,Happy,Hungry,Creative,Sleepy,Relaxed,and Uplifting

CURES…Anxiety,Cramps,Depression,Headaches,Insomnia,Lack Of Appetite,Nausea,Pain,PTSD,Stress

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Kush is a specific assortment of cannabis that slips from the Hindu Kush mountains. This mountain range traverses the Afghanistan-Pakistan line and is one of only a handful few geographic areas where the cannabis plant develops locally. This is the high quality Afghan kush indica.

Having solid Kush hereditary qualities for the most part implies a strain will have a couple of the accompanying ascribes: 

Appearance: Your strain may display dark green colas and leaves with traces of purple. Pistils (hairs) can look orange, bronze, or rust shaded. Buds are thick, stout, and hitched, coming from squat, thick plants. 

Smell: Aroma can change between natural, botanical, sharp, pine, incense, sweet organic product, hash flavor, pepper, citrus, gas, and spices. 

Flavor: Smoke or fume ought to be smooth and herbaceous, tasting of blossoms, grape, diesel, citrus, and earth. 

Impacts: The impacts are regularly hefty and narcotic. OG Kush crosses are typically combined with a brilliant rapture that puts a grin on the lounge chair bolted customer. Contemplation or inside reflection is a typical impact of Kush too. These cerebral impacts present a solid defense for Kush as a reflective assortment of cannabis. We are selling Aghan kush indica in low price.

The cannabis strain Afghan Kush is an incredible indica, radiating a gritty, pine aroma with a comparative taste. A few analysts have said it oozes a pinesol-like smell, citrusy and home grown. Its known to have gigantic, consolidated buds when prepared to collect, wide leaves, and substantial pitch content. 

It plummets from the indica strain Afghani, its foundations being followed back to the Hindu Kush mountain range close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan line. It was first reared to make an ideal and intense cannabis strain for creating tacky, dark Afghani hash. 

Afghan Kush has a normal THC substance of 13%-14% with a high of 17%. Its high makes very amazing impacts on the body, making the shopper feel languid and additionally sluggish. It’s suggested for evening use, being successful in easing a throbbing painfulness while instigating an euphoric sensation. Numerous analysts say its difficult to move after ingestion, just as giving them the munchies. Those encountering a sleeping disorder give this strain a high evaluating for its calming impacts. you can buy high quality afghani kush online.

Mellow instances of tipsiness and neurosis have been referred to go with this strain as negative results, however just whenever burned-through inappropriately. On the off chance that an excess of is devoured on the double, cerebral pains may happen a couple of hours after the high wears off. 

Beginner producers can without much of a stretch develop Afghan Kush. Regardless of whether an unpracticed cultivator delivers low yields, the power of the buds will compensate for lost gathering. Buy afghani kush indica online and we will deliver it at your doorstep in next five working days.


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