Alien Labs – Cosmic Crisp .5g Cured Cartridge.


Alien Labs – Cosmic Crisp .5g Cured Cartridge.


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Product Description

Buy Alien Labs – Cosmic Crisp .5g Cured Cartridge.

This is one of the best products of family farms carts . It is made by mixing triangle mints and Apple fritter . Users of aliens labs – cosmic crisp 0.5g cured cartridges describe it as out of planet earth (world) with some incredible bud look alike structure like a star coming from its orbit . The high has cannabinoifd which will unwind and uplift your mode. It has been seen to task like some sour candy apple with pretty small amount of vanilla flavor and fuel.

This Cosmic Crisp strain is a hybrid of Alien Labs Genetics and Reserve Privada. It originates from the cross between Triangle Kush and Apple Fritter. The taste is sweet with a marijuana smell similar to that of sour apple hard candy. The relaxing effects make it great for treating stress, anxiety and inflammation.

Alien Labs – Cosmic Crisp .5g Cured Cartridge Sale

When you want to enjoy every puff, choose Cosmic Crisp 0.5g cartridge by Alien Labs. This product is made by mixing Triangle Mints and Apple Fritter flavors that make it a preferred blend for many customers. Just inhale the smoke once and feel the effects immediately.

Friendly Farms Carts

Cosmic Crisp .5g Cured Cartridge

Cosmic Crisp is a premium and best family farms carts. It is made from the highest grade, 100% organic and cold pressed oil ensuring that you get the best experience when consuming it.

This distillate cart is heat divided, pressure separated CO2 concentration which keeps natural cannabinoids and terpenes of premium plants at lower than zero temperatures hence preserving their originalΒ flavors

This all green colored cartridge is made from cannabidiol (CBD) oil extracted from organically grown and sustainably farmed cannabis in Humboldt county,CA.

The result is a clean oil with a naturally higher Par of CBD than most other healthy oils which means it has more health benefits for you. The flavor is simple, light, herbal and reminiscent of an herb garden in theΒ highΒ desert.

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