Banana og strain


THC : 25%

CBD:  0.7%

EFFECTS…Creative,Euphoria,Happy,Pain Relief,Sleepy,Talkative,Uplifting


banana og strain


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Product Description

Banana og strain

Kush is a specific procedure of cannabis that slips from the Hindu Kush mountains. This mountain range crosses the Afghanistan-Pakistan line and is one of fundamentally an unassuming pack commonly relatively few geographic zones where the cannabis plant develops locally. This is the high quality banana og strain product.

Having solid Kush acquired attributes by and large proposes a strain a few the going with credits: 

Appearance: Your strain may show dull green colas and leaves with traces of purple. Pistils (hairs) can look orange, bronze, or rust disguised. Buds are thick, extensive, and hitched, coming from squat, thick plants. Buy Banana Kush online from us.

Smell: Aroma can change between conventional, standard, sharp, pine, incense, sweet brand name thing, hash flavor, pepper, citrus, gas, and flavors. 

Flavor: Smoke or smoke ought to be smooth and herbaceous, tasting of juveniles, grape, diesel, citrus, and earth. 

Impacts: The impacts are constantly acceptable and opiate. OG Kush crosses are regularly coexisted with a wonderful joy that puts a grin on the parlor seat shot customer. Assessment or inside reflection is an average impact of Kush too. These cerebral impacts present a solid gatekeeper for Kush as a clever outline of cannabis.

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Banana Kush is an Indica deciding strain that aromas and tastes like the name proposes – a smooth blend of bananas and astonishing Kush. 

Giving a weighty Indica body high, which begins with tiredness inciting total sedation, this strain is routinely embraced and suggested for evening use. Many will accept that its difficult to remain alert after 2-3 hits required an hour or two going before bed.

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Banana Kush contains a touch of the cerebral impacts of a Sativa, including viewpoint height and an amazing vibe of delight. Notwithstanding, it also goes with key minor results, for example, dry mouth and eyes, sporadic wooziness, incredulity and migraines. 

As alluded to over, this strain ought to be consigned to night or evening time use. It is particularly upheld to individuals drawing without rest and a napping issue. Banana Kush is regularly watched out by patients experiencing consistent a throbbing trouble. Others use it for help from squeezing variable and restlessness. Less significantly, it might help patients experiencing cerebral agonies, glaucoma, disease, dietary issues and muscle fits. 

Banana Kush is copied by Cali Kush. It is a combination of the all around recognized OG Kush mother and a Banana father. The outcome is a wonderful strain that is 60% Indica with a 18-20% THC fixation. It isn’t proposed for amateur creators since it can require a lot of thought. Banana Kush can be made inside or out. Having a lower yield than different strains, it sprouts at around eight to nine weeks. Outside, the strain can reach up to 16 feet in stature in any case will fill better in the controlled climate of an indoor make. Order Banana Kush online from us.


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