Bomb Marley Herbal incense

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Bob Marley Herbal Incense

Bob Marley Herbal Incense, Bob Marley Limited Edition, natural herbs and spices are mixed together to create an Incredible blend. Each packet contains about 28 grams of premium blend with 5-7 individual sticks in each. This product is not intended for human consumption and should only be used with a properĀ incenseĀ burner.

Bob Marley herbal incense is a super powerful and potent product. It’s completely legal in the United States and can be shipped toĀ allĀ 50Ā states.

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It is been sealed package in packs of 4g and 10g

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Disclaimer: Package says itā€™s not intended for Human Consumption. So therefore any unlawful consumption of this product is the sole responsibility of the consumer.

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