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Brain freeze strain

Brain Freeze strain, also known as Brainfreeze or LUI-99, is an indica-predominant strain from Dutchgrown Seeds. It’s a cross between Legends Extreme Indica (LUI) and C99.

The top revealed fragrances of Brain Freeze strain are greenery, blueberries, and tobacco. Furthermore, it is said to taste comparative.

Brain freeze strain indica or sativa

The words “indica” and “sativa” were familiar in the eighteenth hundred years with depict different sorts of pot: Pot sativa and Pot indica. The adage “sativa” portrayed hemp plants tracked down in Europe and western Eurasia, where it was created for its fiber and seeds.

Pot indica suggests the intoxicating groupings tracked down in India, where it was gathered for its seeds, fiber, and ganja creation.

Here is the manner in which terms have moved since their most reliable natural definitions:

Today, “sativa” insinuates tall, tight leaf arrangements of weed, remembered to prompt enabling effects. Regardless, these restricted leaf drug (NLD) collections were at first Pot indica ssp. indica. You can find Mind Freeze in your space without any problem.

“Indica” has come to portray weighty, far reaching leaf plants, remembered to convey quieting influences. These wide leaf drug (BLD) collections are truth be told Weed indica ssp. afghanica.

What we call “hemp” insinuates the mechanical, non-intoxicating arrangements assembled essentially for fiber, seeds, and CBD. Regardless, this was at first named Weed sativa.

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Yet the marijuana arrangements we gobble up by and large begin from Pot indica, the two terms are used — whether or not mistakenly — to figure out the incredible many strains flowing the market today.

Brain Freeze strain is a 60 Sativa/40 Indica prevalent blend made by Dutchgrown Seeds and is certainly not a spectacular peculiarity. Mind Freeze. This bud proper for indoor and outside advancement. The Mind Freeze nugs smell of earth with a mango hint. The effects are even and strong on account of high THC content. Frontal cortex Freeze weed is valuable for constantly time use. This is the great Mind Freeze on our web-based store.

It is a cross variety strain with blooms that smell sweet and normal with mango hints. This strain produces delicate cerebral effects that will leave the client free and content.

Frontal cortex Freeze hashish strain activates strong, getting through cerebral high, depicted by happiness and profound stone effect. Raises perspective, mitigates despairing, lightens pressure, relaxes the body. May cause couch lock and languor.


Brain Freeze cannabis strain is a hybrid of LUI and C99. 

THC: 23% 

CBD: 0.62% 

CBN: 0.54% 

Impacts… Body High 

Brain freeze Strain effects

  • Appetite Loss
  • Pain Muscle
  • Spasm Stress
  • Aroused
  • Energetic
  • Focused

Brain freeze Strain flavors

  • Ammonia
  • Chemical
  • Diesel
Peach Brain Freeze strain
peach brain freeze strain

The strain won’t perplex, that is for certain. With 23% THC content, the strain produces typical buds that are not generally so perfect or awesome as other creamer strains. They are regularly gritty hued in concealing with orange hairs and gold tones that might draw in a couple of individuals.


The strain got its name considering current conditions, it is essentially because it conveys a sensation blend of tobacco and stogie flavors for the people who are particularly joined to the two. The strain and its high are not uncommon yet rather it uses its indica/Sativa heritage so you can see the value in the most astonishing viewpoint the two universes. Wholesale Brain freeze strain

This strain isn’t a creeper, you will feel high in a second or somewhere around there yet its possessions will make you feel sluggish. This is one justification for why you ought to use it as a night strain. Have certainty, your following day will be great and will leave you feeling enabled. Brain freeze strain for sale


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