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A 2C-T-2 originator drug is associated with the class of hallucinogenics. It acts similarly to other assessment manufactured compounds from the 2C family. 2C-T-2 history starts from 1981when investigation engineered was consolidated. Our association works available of assessment engineered mixtures and proposition 2C-T-2 accessible to be bought. We guarantee top quality, the most critical uprightness, fast transport, prosperity and security, protection of your own data.


2C-T-2 portion is significantly critical for achieving charming results while driving tests and investigates with 2C-T-2. As shown by 2C-T-2 overviews 2C-T-2 part is around 12-25 mg. According to the information on the 2C-T-2 Erowid page, it justifies using 5 mg of 2C-T-2 as an edge estimations. For 2C-T-2 light part customers used 8-15 mg and for ordinary estimations, it was taken 15-22 mg of 2C-T-2.

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