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Mamba spice spray for sale


Buy mamba spice spray for sale is also called spice, bombay blue, bliss is the street name.

k2 black mamba is the brand name for brand name for green herbal Cannabinoid  AM-2001 and also oleamide and some Oleic acid. We sell the best quality k2 products online and we offer quick delivery to USA, Canada and UK. Black mamba spray for sale UK.

The most black mamba is AM-2001 and in UK its commonly called Kanna (brand name ).

Vaporizerspot shop is the best place to order black mamba spray online.

This product has been seen to induce sleep to animals and hence been seen to be used a treatment for sleep disorders and also mood disorders. This drug is not controlled in the UK. Reports have suggest that this product is a damiana, a flowering shrub with looks fo claimed characteristics.

People should also note that the is a strain of cannabis and an energy burning called black mamba or Hyper rush.


  • According to user reports by users, when black mamba is smoked, the substance has ‚Äėskunk-like‚Äô* qualities but is much more likely to cause some very uncomfortable breakdown in reality and hallucinations

* Skunk is a potent form of the cannabis plant which has high levels of

   TetraHydroCannabinol (THC)


  • It may cause breathing difficulties,
  • it can cause serious disorders in Vomiting
  • Severe rashes and allergies
  • A loss of control over some parts of the body


1- Pregnant women are not allowed to consume this product.

2- Kids below 18 years are not allowed to consume black mamba.

Normally this product is sold at about $20 per pack to over $50 per 3g pack.

black mamba drug effect
mamba drug effects
synthetic cannabinoids list

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2 reviews for Buy mamba spice spray for sale

  1. IvarM (store manager)

    Truly a good high I smoke all the time, and this is a good full body and head high, no paranoias no couch lock, the upper body feels relaxed, and the head is in a good space and the ghetto is just fine

  2. Honda123 (store manager)

    THIS guy! THIS guy right here is one I will buy up anytime I find it. This rocks me to sleep in an oh so loving nature ūüėā but for real my Multiple sclerosis and nerve pain which I‚Äôve got too many kinds to name so I truly have issues sleeping and this is a perfect strain for pain and sleep.

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