Eonsmoke Menthol JUUL Compatible Pods – 4 Pack


Are you looking for the best juul pods?

If so, then you’re in luck: we’ve got the best selection of authentic Eonsmoke Menthol juul pods available. We take pride in providing the absolute highest quality products at affordable prices. These days, people often buy counterfeit juul pods that look like our products, but they’re not nearly as good.

Here are some things to look out for when buying Eonsmoke Menthol juul pods:

-Look for the “Age V2” logo on the packaging

-Make sure there are four dabs on the top of each pod pack

Eonsmoke Menthol JUUL Compatible Pods


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Product Description

Eonsmoke Menthol JUUL Compatible Pods

Eonsmoke Menthol JUUL Compatible Pods are a delightful and flavorful way to enjoy your favorite e-cigarette device. Each pack contains 4 units, which are comparable to ~1 cigarette pack, and each unit is 1 mL of 6% Salt Nicotine liquid. The cucumber flavor is mixed with a blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), as well as benzoic acid, which enhances the flavor experience.

Juuling has become a popular trend among young people because it offers an alternative to smoking while still giving you the nicotine fix you need. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which can cause lung cancer and other deadly diseases, vaping is much safer for you—it’s even been approved by the FDA! So if you’re looking for a healthier way to get your fix without sacrificing taste or flavor, then Juul pods are just what you need

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Eonsmoke Menthol Juul Pods are a traditionally reviving brand of menthol vapes that in a real sense cause you to have an adjustment of taste. The smooth and invigorating menthol flavor will fulfill your faculties with each puff. Each case, right off the bat, is pre-loaded up with 6% salt nicotine. Simply pop it into your Age V2 Gadget and you’re prepared to vape.

These days, people go to ,misconstrue mint juul units for menthol juul. They are very similar but have a slight difference. Mint unit taste really fresh with a calming taste after use while menthol juul has gets the menthol flavor with a lively finish. Likewise, people get lost and they cannot separate between counterfeit cases and genuine ones. That is very easy; the phony juul units bundling has 4 dabs on top while the genuine Juul case has its own organization’s logo on it. Moreover, fake Juul units have unforgiving oil and e-juices. Their covers are brilliantly colored; for example one flavor has an orange cap where as there is yellow-orange in genuine Juul unit cover


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