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Gold Coast Clear Carts

This is a premium THC vape carts with oil content rich enough to meet our health and lab testing standards in the industry. We offer only lab tests and certified Gold Coast Clear Carts to avoid any bad reviews about the product and also that our main priority is to satisfy our customers with the best product that will improve their health in any way. Will not affect Bouncing counterfeit cars can lead to many diseases, including early death, so we advise customers to buy gold-plated clear cars that have been tested and delivered to consumers in the laboratory. I have been allowed to use it.

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We are offering to our customers Gold Coast Carts that are pesticide free and vitamin E free. It is a pure THC vape product and contains the following elements.

Total THC 87.67%.

 Total cannabinoids 92.05.


Ultra pure, extremely powerful. The Heavy Heater 100 can is made from local cannabis terpenes and contains 95 TH THC.

True ceramic cartridges do not get any of the harmful wick components of standard cartridges, instead all heating elements rely on high quality ceramics so that there are no harmful by-products and uniform food. Enduring the Clean Cannabis Guarantee Seal, Heavy Heaters proudly meet or exceed all California standards for cannabis quality and safety.

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