Holy Guava Budder strain

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Holy Guava Budder

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Product Description

Holy Guava Budder strain

Holy Guava (Budder)

Strong Cultivation
THC 71.00%*
*This % may address a total of THC/CBD, THCa/CBDa, THCb/CBDb inside the item. Customers should survey the genuine item mark for precise % of THC/CBD.
Strong Cultivation’s organization mission is to develop and deal with head normal clinical pot and weed extricates as an option in contrast to conventional meds to help and solace Arkansans out of luck.

Holy Guava Budder: This strain hits the consumer square between the eyes with uplifting Sativa stimulation and then cascades over the body with a subtle, vibrating warmth. Its aroma is mild but doesn’t lack nuance, expressing notes of pine, cheese, and tartness. A latent chemical flavor rolls off the palate with a clean, earthy finish. Enjoy this strain to relieve stress, mute depression, and curb minor physical aches and pains.

Budder and Badder are oilier and softer in texture. (Think of a stick of butter or cake batter.) They’re malleable, easy to handle, and have a sunny yellow to bright orange coloring. The butter-like consistency allows the extract to be easily used as a spread on blunts or joints, or to be dabbed using a dab rig.

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