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Marathon OG is a potent indica cannabis strain derived from the OG Kush hybrid. Marathon OG produces euphoric and relaxing effects that can overwhelm novice users. This variety has flavors like lemon, earth, and spices. Medical marijuana patients choose Marathon OG to help relieve symptoms related to stress, anxiety, and pain. Fun fact: This song was chosen for the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, and its name is a tribute to his series of famous mixtapes.

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Marathon OG, also known as “Marathon Kush”, is a dominant hybrid strain of Indica rice, which was produced as a phenotype of the strong OG Kush strain. Marathon OG was made for the rap superstar Nipsey Hu $$le, and named after some of his famous hybrid tapes, with a powerful high pitch that can lift your spirits up, and then slap you on the back for hours. The orgasm starts from the head, accompanied by a subtle euphoria, which lifts your spirit and gives you a trace of spiritual energy and concentration. This is quickly overshadowed by a heavy, all-encompassing tall body that knocks you down and locks you on the sofa with high power levels. This will quickly become stiff and calm, making you fall asleep unknowingly. With these effects and its average THC level of up to 20% or more, Marathon OG is often selected for the treatment of chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress or anxiety, muscle cramps or cramps, and chronic pain. . This bud has a super spicy, earthy lemon flavor and a strong tart herb aroma. Marathon OG buds have small fluffy, mint-green popcorn-like chunks dotted with dense orange hairs, light amber hues, and a thick layer of frost-bright white crystal trichomes.


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