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4 reviews for Moon Rocks strain

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  1. Why delaying with my delivery😡

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  2. Gary🙌💨💨.

  3. Just what I ordered!! ❤️

  4. 5 5 5 5 stars mate!! Thanks I’ll be ordering

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Product Description

The group at BOG Seeds is a force to be reckoned with of reproducing, putting out one hit strain after another.  Moon Rocks falls directly in accordance with their other honor winning strains, and by intersection BOG Bubble and Moon, they’ve built up a tasty bud that relieves your body and loosens up your psyche. Buy Moon Rocks from us.

Lock in –  Moon Rocks, similar to all Moon Rocks, isn’t for weak willed. Indeed, it’s prompted that more up to date clients avoid this strain, as it times in at a steady 24% THC level. Nugs are tacky and genuinely thick, and with a tidying of trichomes and  and purple tones, they do look as though they came from the actual moon. As the name would recommend, the flavors are incredible, mixing lavender, blueberry, and tea into one heavenly puff. We deal in low price Moon Rocks online.

In the event that you endure a shot of  Moon Rocks, plan for your face to hurt before the night’s over from the entirety of the grinning you’ll be doing. This strain is known for prompting social conduct that is combined with complete bliss and elation. Solid body impacts are a gesture to its indica-prevailing genealogy, and you’ll see a strong yet quieting body buzz all through the experience. Inventive clients will feel enlivened to finish their masterpiece, and the individuals who have had a taxing day will invite the unwinding they feel. You can find cheap Moon Rocks online on our web.

Solid THC levels are quite often a sure thing for the therapy of ailments, and  Moon Rocks expects to please. Intense against ongoing agony, uneasiness, numerous sclerosis, and sickness, it’s seen as a fix all by the individuals who are looking for help. As it’s a beautiful love seat lock inciting strain, clients likewise depend on  Moon Rocks to help them nod off quick and wake up inclination invigorated. Let even the most distressing day dissolve away with the solid high it produces. Our high quality moon rocks are only for you get the awesome results.

Discovered generally on the West Coast and in Arizona, this strain favors dry environments on the off chance that you decide to develop her outside. In the event that you decide to develop her inside, you’ll be satisfied to find that she develops into a short plant that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. Following 8 to 9 weeks, you’ll be prepared to reap a pleasant yield. Extraordinary for amateurs,  Moon Rocks is impervious to molds and molds. 

Save a portion of this strain for an exceptional event or use it routinely for an evening of unwinding – in any case, you’ll be in for a treat.  Moon Rocks carries a bunch of impacts that will be normal from an indica-prevailing mixture alongside flavors that are more than scrumptious. Elusive across the United States, you’ll need to esteem this strain as though it came from the actual moon. Order Moon Rocks online now and get it at your doorstep.

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