Sunset Sherbet

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Product Description

Sunset Sherbet strain

Sunset Sherbet strain is an indica mixture (85% indica/15% horse feed), a successful cross between the extremely famous Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties strains. This smooth bud has a gentle THC level, with a normal scope of 15-19%, and has various smooth indica and horse feed impacts. Nightfall Sherbet has the heavenly fragrance of sweet fruity honey and the flavor of fruity yogurt and honey, with a sweet hearty trailing sensation, which heightens as you breathe out. Nightfall Sherbet Buds have gigantic, thick, curiously large, light mint green Christmas tree-formed buds covered with long, contorted, searing orange hair. These buds are covered by a thick layer of ice-white trichomes and are stuck with flavorful gum. Clients portray Sunset Sherbet high as a quick lift to mind energy, making you social and euphoric, joined by a casual full body stature, causing you to feel warm and agreeable. The blend of these adjusting impacts will cause you to feel torment free and have a loose and straightforward attitude. Because of these strong impacts, this bud is great for treating pressure, torment and depression.

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