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  1. Glory

    dude hella relaxing and it tastes really good 🇺🇸

    k2 spray on paperk2 spray on paper

  2. Shey ypee

    I use plenty of K2 herbal Incense help with ptsd. Bizzaro liquid is a top 5 spray. Nice blend of taste with heavy mood changing high. If you need the extra kick of a spray I do, Bizzaro or Numbrino nasal spray is perfect for you. If it’s anything short of fantastic the producer screwed it up.

    Bizzarro liquid incense 5mlBizzarro liquid incense 5ml

  3. Flexi

    It makes me feel happy all the time. I enjoyed it.

    k2 spray on paperk2 spray on paper

  4. Gianes

    Gotta say, I read up on this k2 spray and reviews. The reviews helped. Took one hit .more than that , pretty sure would have been too much , for me. But I have a lower tolerance now. Im in utter bliss, right now .I suffer from fibro , rheumatoid, and lupus. So naturally went back to the best medicine, k2 spray all day!! Loved numbrino spray! So naturally I had to try this one out! Wow ! The name literally says it all.

    K2 sprayK2 spray

  5. Frankiex

    Very nice spray i just tried for the first time , the taste is great the balance perfect , well from my experience . Description on point . You can order without fears

    K2 sprayK2 spray

  6. zachtz (store manager)

    got my order today and am shocked at the spray. its even better than I expected!

    K2 sprayK2 spray

  7. Luvr20

    Love this spray personally I have adhd and I can take something that’s suppose to couch lock you and it does nothing of the sort but this k2 spray on paper got me feeling relaxed hands down the best for someone with adhd 🇺🇸

    k2 spray on paperk2 spray on paper

  8. Eablewab

    how high it tests, Always helps with pain and appetite and nausea!! LOVE IT always a must buy! esp from Vaporizerspot shop in CA

    Bizzarro liquid incense 5mlBizzarro liquid incense 5ml

  9. Gustavo

    One of the k2 herbal incense spray. Taste and high are on point. If you can get this, you must give it a try.

    k2 spray on paperk2 spray on paper

  10. Tripple z

    Best Spice for beginners. This spray is a GOOD TIME. Like giggling euphoria good. Highly recommended for sex! So many orgasms as it helped me. Highly recommended for all of this and more!

    K2 sprayK2 spray

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